The Senator’s Resignation: Is Timing SI Driven?

Jim Tressel’s resignation as football coach at the Ohio State University marks the end of an era. An era that without question was extremely successful on the field and perceivably a successful one-off it. Tressel was often referred to as “The Senator” for his senatorial-like behavior. He said he stood for integrity and honesty and most of his actions usually backed what Tressel said he stood for.

However, amid numerous allegations, the off-the-field presence that earned Tressel his honorable nickname may have been just a show. A show that’s been going on for quite some time now, according to Sports Illustrated.

In an article set to appear in the June 6 magazine, but released on SI.com today in light of the Tressel resignation, a total of 28 Ohio State football players are alleged to have been involved in trading memorabilia for tattoos, not just the six who have been suspended for games in the upcoming season. The article discusses some of Tressel’s past involvements with the NCAA and hints at the possibility that Tressel may not be all he claimed to be.

It’s a definite must read.


Assignment No.9: First Video Project

For my first video project, I spent some time at the Santa Maria ship in downtown Columbus. It was a rather rainy afternoon, but it was enjoyable.

Check out the video.

Assignment No.7 and 8 (Midterm): Audio/Photo Story



Vodpod videos no longer available.


This was my midterm. This was a story about Jay Pearson,41, who is an avid sports fan, but is also diagnosed as mentally challenged with autistic characteristics. It was truly a joy to do this story.

Assignment No.6: Man On The Street

This is my sixth assignment in Comm 426.

I was instructed to go out and get people’s opinions about a newsworthy issue. I chose the Ohio State football scandal, specifically the allegations surrounding Jim Tressel.

Assignment No.5: I Can Count to 10

In this assignment I was required to count to 10 out of order and then splice the numbers together in numerical sequence. This was just to practice splicing audio in addition to proving that I can indeed still count to 10, 16 years after kindergarten.

Assignment No.4: Event

For this assignment I had to go to an event and cover it via photography. Naturally I chose a sporting event and not surprisingly I chose baseball—my favorite sport. I felt like I did a tremendous job with this assignment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Assignment No.3: Portraits

Pam and Gene Leeth pose for a photo at their customary table inside Flyers Pizza & Subs, located in West Jefferson, Ohio. The Leeth’s are such frequent customers of the restaurant that the table is always reserved for them; a gesture not done for any other customers.









THAT’S ME. I started playing golf about four or five years ago and I absolutely love it. I can’t get enough of it.