The Senator’s Resignation: Is Timing SI Driven?

Jim Tressel’s resignation as football coach at the Ohio State University marks the end of an era. An era that without question was extremely successful on the field and perceivably a successful one-off it. Tressel was often referred to as “The Senator” for his senatorial-like behavior. He said he stood for integrity and honesty and most of his actions usually backed what Tressel said he stood for.

However, amid numerous allegations, the off-the-field presence that earned Tressel his honorable nickname may have been just a show. A show that’s been going on for quite some time now, according to Sports Illustrated.

In an article set to appear in the June 6 magazine, but released on today in light of the Tressel resignation, a total of 28 Ohio State football players are alleged to have been involved in trading memorabilia for tattoos, not just the six who have been suspended for games in the upcoming season. The article discusses some of Tressel’s past involvements with the NCAA and hints at the possibility that Tressel may not be all he claimed to be.

It’s a definite must read.


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