Albino Raccoons—Say What???

Browsing through the internet I stumbled across this interesting video depicting albino raccoons. First of all, I didn’t even know albino raccoons existed and secondly they look pretty sweet. I kind of want one.

While it is definitely cool, I think the way the interesting discovery of such a rare species is shown is a great example of how multimedia can enhance a story. This could have been shown in a newspaper with a still picture of one of the raccoons with quotes from the wildlife control guy and maybe even a scientist or wildlife expert about how rare the find is.

However, by using video, the find comes to life and lets everyone into the scene of where the raccoons were found. It also adds an element of happiness to the find by letting the wildlife control guy explain how he’s going to let the raccoons go rather than killing them. Something that might be missing in a print story. If this video was featured on a newspaper’s site, they could go one step further by adding a link to a story or figures about how rare albino raccoons actually are.

It’s amazing what multimedia can do.


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