Photojournalism Struggles

I’m a full two-weeks into my multimedia journalism class, Comm 426. Our only assignments thus far have consisted of using a camera to take pictures of people and I have found this aspect of the class to be very difficult. Going up and asking a person about what they think about something or asking them to give me a quote of some sort is so much easier than taking their picture.

I didn’t find asking random people about things exactly easy, I found it kind of awkward actually, but taking someone’s picture is 10x harder, and feels so much more intrusive. It’s just so weird and I feel so creepy. I’m not sure how to go about getting their picture.

I’ve been to about four different places and gotten pictures and names at all four places, but I’m having such a difficult time with it. It’s like pulling teeth. I see the shot, but it’s like I get butterflies and I get too nervous to take it because I feel so awkward.

And unfortunately, getting the shot isn’t the only thing I have to do. I have to go up to the person afterward and kind of be like “um yeah I just took a random picture of you, and you have no idea who I am, but can I have your name to go along with the picture I just took?” It’s just so weird to me. I feel like I would say no to someone if they asked me that. I feel like I’m the goofy, creepy guy with the camera that my friends and I would make fun of if we saw him taking pictures.

I don’t like the feeling at all, but I’m going to have to get over my fears and anxiety somehow—there’s seven weeks to go. I just don’t know how.


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